Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who is Calliope Rescue and what do we do? By way of our press release we'll introduce ourselves and tell you a little about us. We hope to keep you posted about our activities - our successes as well as our more challenging moments. We are a small group of individuals who feel strongly about humane treatment for all animals and network with others to help animals in need.

Calliope Rescue, Inc.
Foster Home based in Boston and Shrewsbury
Mailing Address: PO Box 224, Brookline, MA 02446


Cupid is coming early this year. We want to find your perfect pet match.

Calliope Rescue’s goal is to match an animal with a permanent family; enhancing both of their lives. As a non-profit organization we rely on volunteers, empowering them to be an integral part of fulfilling our mission. We pledge to inspire the community to show kindness towards all animals.

“I want to make a difference in the lives of abandoned, homeless, and neglected animals; to facilitate their rehabilitation, physically and emotionally,” says Brenda Weinstein, Co-founder. “I want to be their voice and to promote our philosophy of kindness for all animals.”

We're in tough economic times, but as kids start to ask for pets, maybe parents will consider fostering or adopting, when they realize there are four to six thousand animal shelters and rescue groups in the United States and six to eight million homeless cats and dogs. Of that number, approximately half are euthanized. “I needed to be an active part in reducing these horrible statistics,” says Claudia Bruno, president. “My vision for Calliope Rescue is to bring people together in changing these numbers and making a difference in our society."

More than ever people need to be rescued just as much as animals. We hear about families in need of a pet-friendly shelter after a home foreclosure and dogs being rescued by soldiers in war torn countries. Sometimes this kindness comes from so far away it doesn’t seem obtainable. This is why Calliope Rescue is working locally to bring people and animals together in unforgettable partnerships.

Calliope Rescue has seen firsthand that if you give people and animals stepping stones for kindness and compassion they will leap bounds to get to each other. A Massachusetts resident, Lisa, says of the experience, "As an animal foster parent I stop the suffering. I witness wounded bodies and souls begin to heal. I instill hope. By doing that, I heal myself."

As a non-profit rescue organization we are looking for quality foster parents who have the time and space for a short-term or long-term visitor. “We want to find the perfect match for all ages and people, from seniors for seniors, kittens for nesters and party animals for college students,” says Brenda Weinstein. “If there is a warm heart and open room out there we will make sure that a lasting friendship is made.”

Calliope animals are not looking for a hand out. They are looking for companionship in a loving home. We rely on dedicated foster parents who can provide food, litter, toys, a home and lots of love. The ultimate goal is to make a match so that a home is found and a lifetime friendship is made. We know that once our tails get through the door the rest is history!

Calliope Rescue helps abandoned, hard luck and dire animals in need of medical help, TLC and shelter. A cat that needs all of its teeth removed? No problem. A senior animal who's lost her home? They’ll find her the perfect family. Their kindness knows no boundaries. With your donations, they can help even more animals that are often overlooked by other organizations.

We won’t shut the door on any animal. Sick or injured animals have vet bills paid in full to get them back into shape. We work with rescuers on the frontline to spay and neuter homeless cats, provide vaccines and veterinary care, and find foster placement whenever possible. Each foster home match allows more animals to be rescued from dire situations. Abandoned, neglected, abused and homeless animals need our help and we pledge not to let them down.

Stay tuned for more entries!