Monday, February 20, 2012

Help us help homeless animals!

Calliope Rescue improved the lives of a lot of homeless animals in 2011! Like our animal friends, though, we don’t believe in living in the past. We’re digging into what we can do in 2012—and how we can get you to join us! Imagine how many more animals we could help this coming year with you on the Calliope compassion team.

You can do more than you realize. Calliope saves one animal at a time, through one small action at a time. These small actions, when put together, transform lives—the animals’ and the volunteers’.

The homeless animal problem, when viewed in total, can feel overwhelming. But when viewed through the lens of small individual actions, the problem is shrunk down to a single manageable task: Get one more animal off the street or out of an abusive situation and into a foster home. Next task: Restore the foster’s health and spirit. Next: Match the foster with the ideal permanent home. Last: Repeat.

We desperately need foster homes so that we can stop one more animal’s suffering. For a frightened homeless cat living with no food and with frostbitten ears and feet, each day must feel like an eternity. If you are able to open your heart and your home to her, by tomorrow, she could be warm and well fed for the first time in weeks.

Please join us, no matter what small action you can offer. Each and every volunteer makes a difference. Visit our main website for more information about fostering and volunteering. Also check out Starlight’s Corner, a blog where you’ll read how Calliope has changed the lives of foster cats and parents.