Monday, March 26, 2012

Double the Fun

Everybody's talking about Calliope's two newest cats. Or, at least, they should be! Dezi and Jamaica are letting their true natures shine through a little more every day, and what a delightful thing to see. Although a little overwhelmed by the number of cats at their first shelter, these two play maniacs are blossoming in their new quieter foster home. Their profiles were written soon after they arrived, so keep checking the blog for updates.

Dezi clearly enjoys human companionship, always greeting his foster mom at the door when she comes in. Even with those extra-large eyes of his still half closed from sleep, he jumps down off his favorite spot on the couch to run over for some head rubs. Onto his side and back he rolls, casting an eye upward at his mom as if to say, "How much plainer do I need to make this for you?" Although not currently a lap cat, this diminutive fellow shows his affection in other ways. It is impossible not to give all that love right back to this cutie. And his antics while chasing and pouncing and batting his toys are beyond cute. He would love a home where others enjoy playing as much as he does.

In the six weeks since Jamaica first moved to her foster home, she has transformed from a terrified, shutdown cat who hid at every opportunity to one who now shows interest in everything around her. She carefully watches Dezi and follows his lead more and more, for instance, by rolling over to greet her foster mom. She plays with great gusto and clearly knows when to expect the wand toys to appear from under the blanket. Very little spooks her anymore, as she lies quietly watching her foster mom move around the room without as much as a twitch of the tail. Jamaica still backs away from being petted, but she eagerly eats treats from her mom's hand or from a spot next to her leg on the couch. This beautiful cat's trust in humans in coming back. A special adopter who lets her continue bonding at her own speed will bring this former terrified stray the rest of the way.